Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Educational YouTube Account

Recently, my fantastic daughter introduced me to the wonderful worlds of Facebook and YouTube.

Although I'm failing at Facebook, I have managed to set up a YouTube account with several videos already (with her wonderful help, of course). The original videos were all snippets of my teaching style. The newest ones are more practical and instructional and include Pregnancy Massage Tips, Hand Massage, Chair Massage, Polarity, Massage for Headaches, and Stretches and Joint Mobilizations. Let me know what you think- I'm open to constructive criticism.

Go check out the site! I will keep updating it in the future! New videos will include instructional aspects of massage therapy.


Anonymous said...

Susan is an superb public speaker/instructor. Her expertise and passion for the Massage Therapy industry shines through in her teaching.


Anonymous said...

Susan is a natural when it comes to teaching. Your style is unique and is easy to understand.


Susan Salvo said...

Thank you. I do love teaching.

C Chaumont said...

I love your videos! The youTube world is better because of them! Do you have any videos or know of any that can demonstrate A "frozen Shoulder" release technique? C. Chaumont

Erin said...

A big thanks to putting this up on utube! Brilliant!
P.S. - I still think you should get on facebook =)