Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Clients & Seizures ~ First Aid Measures


If your client appears to be having a seizure (tonic-clonic seizure) , follow these basic first-aid measures. Your client is more likely to have a seizure if he or she has stopped taking prescribed seizure medications. Remember that every situation will be different.
  1. Remain calm, and begin to time the seizure.
  2. Clear the area of objects (if possible).
  3. Gently place the person on the floor (if possible).
  4. Place a cushion or soft material, such as a jacket, under the person’s head. Lift the chin slightly to open the airway.
  5. If the person is choking or vomiting, roll him or her onto the side.
  6. Remain with the person until the seizure has ended.
  7. After a seizure (postictal phase), several things can be expected to happen. The person may be groggy or feel very tired. The person could be confused, disoriented, or even embarrassed. The person may also complain of a headache or general soreness.

  • If this is your client's first seizure or if you don't know if they have had a seizure before
  • If you know they have had a seizure and it lasts more than 5 minutes or immediately repeats
  • If your client is injured or vomits and is choking
It is recommended to document the event (in an incident report) and place it in the client’s folder.
Memo: Consider keeping a mobile phone in the massage room set to airplane mode. This setting disables the device's transmitting functions so incoming calls or texts will not interrupt the massage. In many cases, 911 calls can still be placed; if not, turn off airplane mode and place the 911 call.

Video  Resources: 

Seizure First Aid
After The Seizure


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